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About Shift Wellness

First responders and their families experience more acute stress and trauma than the general population, and the statistics are staggering. Shift Wellness provides an opportunity for departments and individuals to participate in an experience to proactively work towards wellness, resiliency, and better work-life balance. 

All curriculum is collaboratively designed by our team of culturally competent clinicians and subject matter experts. We have a distinctive view of the career and family life of public safety professionals – from new recruit training, wellness visits, peer support services, counseling, crisis support, department training, and long-term treatment. We will work with you to design a program that best meets your needs.

Our programs are hosted at Eagle Creek, our private center in Southern California. And we also offer flexibility to host a retreat at other locations based on the needs of the department. 



It takes courage to face hard things, and commitment brings growth. This is our shared purpose of Shift Wellness. 

We believe that it takes courage to be vulnerable; and vulnerability gives you strength. “Courage isn’t just being able to stand in front of a lion. It’s being able to show your true self to someone,” said Dr. Stephen Odom, Founder and Chief Clinical Officer. Courage is required to push through the hard things so you can be honest with yourself and others.

We believe that growth can stem from really difficult times. Everyday, your brain makes new synaptic connections that build a stronger, more resilient mind. No challenge is wasted, and through hard work, growth is attainable. Many use their experiences to help others overcome similar challenges.

We believe in making a commitment to do the hard work with our community. Commitment with accountability is how things get done. There is less of a chance of losing your goals and more opportunity to stick to your plan when you have to answer to others. It takes grit to make it happen – and there is so much growth on the other side.

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Shift Wellness Family of companies with First Responder Wellness and The Counseling Team

A Trusted Legacy

Our family of companies are committed to integrating mental performance and resilience resources as a foundational element throughout the public safety community. From prevention and practice to intervention and treatment, productivity and success are sustained when wellness is a priority.

Together, we have decades of experience working with public safety and employ a team of culturally competent clinicians and professionals. Learn more about our family of companies at

What make Us Different

Through decades of collaboration with public safety departments and organizations, we are a trusted resource for anyone who wants to break down barriers for those seeking help. Our goal is simple yet effective: be proactive in keeping you healthy. Take the time to invest in your wellbeing and success. Our unique perspective helps us create retreats that can be tailored to meet your needs today and everyday moving forward.